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Where are we and where are we going.

Waar zijn we en waar gaan we naartoe.


Nice, such a new fragrance brand. But what sets us apart from the rest? Our scents, the design or the way we package our products? Today we want to tell you why we started Insphirea, what our plans are for this year (2024), and give you a glimpse into our plans for the coming year. Take a seat, light a candle, it's story time.

Why we started Insphirea

A passion for scent and design forms the basis of our new company. Giovanni and Femke are passionate about the power of scent and want to inspire and educate people about the impact scent can have in your work or living space. But that is not everything. We develop scents that we consider magical and each product has its own story, which adds extra value to the total picture of Insphirea.

What we are doing now

In 2024, our focus will be on building our premier range: the Four Seasons. These four fragrance lines focus on specific emotions of each season. We started in winter with Reposea, a soothing and warm scent that transforms any room into an oasis of peace, the perfect company for a moment of relaxation. Harmonea, our spring line, symbolizes growth and bloom and will evoke pleasant emotions with its fresh character. A kickstart to summer with a scent full of depth and activation for the body.

With these lines in mind, we aim to develop four fragrance lines with specific characters that are suitable for every mood or occasion. A moment of peace, a moment of recharge, a moment of focus and a moment of company. With the Four Seasons you have a range at your disposal for every state of mind; this is the beginning of our mission.

What we're planning

Great, we know what we are doing now, but what really makes us unique? What is our Unique Selling Proposition? We already have that, but we are not fully alive yet.

That's why we're keeping this for 2025. We are currently finding our way in product development, collecting feedback, learning to design and put together and then develop the best products that you want, with a twist.

A twist? What do you mean?

We see how important ecological products are in the market and instead of just joining the trend of being ecological, we want to take this as a basis.

Before we do this, however, we want to know what you want most. As we now envision it, we believe it is important to focus as much of our purchasing as possible on the quality of the end product.

Currently, a lot of costs are spent on packing materials and packaging. Of course this is important for the unpacking experience, but we want to put even more emphasis on the quality of our products.

There has already been a beginning. We currently use high-quality sunflower wax for our scented candles and we use essential oils and perfumes. But do we work 100% sustainably? No not yet. We want to achieve this. Packaging, wrapping materials and the products themselves play a joint role in this.

This year we will share our progress in optimizing and making our products more sustainable. We can't wait to share and manifest our ultimate vision with you.

For now, enjoy the upcoming and current scents in the Four Seasons line. As we said, this will form the basis for our next steps and we look forward to developing our 100% sustainable line. But, first things first.


Thank you for reading this blog post and taking the time to connect with our mission. Do you want to share ideas, do you have questions or do you want to be part of this adventure? Please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love,