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Finding the Perfect Place for Your Fragrance Sticks

Visual van Insphirea geurstokjes met beschrijving: de beste plek voor jouw geurstokjes

Fragrance sticks are a subtle and elegant way to fill your home with wonderful scents. They are not only a pleasure for the nose, but also a visually appealing addition to any interior. In this blog we delve into the world of fragrance sticks and discover the best places to place them for an optimal fragrance experience.

1. The Perfect Location: Where Do You Place Fragrance Sticks?

The location of your fragrance sticks can make all the difference in how effectively they perfume the room. Avoid places with direct sunlight, such as windowsills, or near a heater. These areas can cause the odor to evaporate more quickly and even change. Popular places are the hall, bathroom and toilet. These rooms often offer ideal conditions for a subtle scent profile without the sticks drying out too quickly.

2. How Often Do You Flip the Sticks?

Turning the sticks every four days ensures continuous scent distribution and a fresh scent experience. After a few days, the sticks begin to dry out, reducing the fragrance intensity. By turning them regularly, the scent remains lively and present.

3. The Correct Number of Sticks

The amount of sticks you use affects the strength of the scent. In a large room you may choose to use all the included sticks for a stronger scent, while in smaller areas such as toilets, fewer sticks will provide a more subtle scent.

4. When do you replace the fragrance sticks?

Fragrance sticks become saturated over time. If you notice that the odor is noticeably less strong even though there is still liquid left, it's time for a replacement. This varies per brand, but for many types this is after about 3 to 4 months.

5. Choose Quality

The quality of fragrance sticks varies greatly. For a long-lasting and strong scent, it is advisable to opt for high-quality options. These are often more sustainable, handmade and sometimes even vegan and not tested on animals.

6. Usage Tips for Optimal Experience

  • First test whether the scent suits your room with a few sticks.
  • Place them in a place without too much draft, heat or direct sunlight.
  • Turn the sticks regularly for renewed scent activation.
  • Experiment with the number of sticks for the desired scent strength.

7. Create a Unique Fragrance Experience in Every Room

Every room in your home offers an opportunity for a unique scent experience. From energetic citrus scents in the kitchen to relaxing, warm scents in the living room and bedroom. By using different scents in different rooms, you prevent odor habituation and create a dynamic and refreshing environment.


Fragrance sticks are a fantastic way to not only make your home smell wonderful, but also to create an atmosphere of comfort and serenity. By placing them in the right places and maintaining them properly, you can enjoy their scent and beauty to the fullest. Make your home come alive with the subtle power of fragrance sticks!