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Are Scented Candles Really Bad for Your Health?

Zijn Geurkaarsen Écht Slecht Voor Je Gezondheid?

Scented candles are the heartbeat of many living rooms, a source of warmth and aroma that create an atmosphere full of comfort. Many of us cannot imagine a pleasant evening without the soft glow and sublime scents of candles. But in the whispering galleries of modern life, stories emerge about the downside of these fragrant points of light. Together, with attention to care and well-being, let us examine the concerns surrounding scented candles and find out the truth.

The Controversy Surrounding Paraffin

Recent studies, like one from the University of South Carolina, have caused some dark clouds to gather over the paraffin scented candles we cherish so much. Paraffin, made from the remains of fossil fuels, can release unwanted gases into our homes when burned — such as acetone, benzene and toluene. These substances could endanger our health, especially with long-term exposure.

Now it is true that sporadically burning a paraffin candle should not pose a great danger. But with frequent use it is wise to explore alternatives. After all, it is not only about our well-being, but also that of our loved ones and the planet we all share.

Cheaper, but with a price

It's no secret that paraffin is often the preferred choice for candles due to its cost and excellent scent dispersion. But anyone who opens their eyes to the hidden costs quickly realizes that what is cheap in the store can be expensive for our health and our environment.

The Danger Of Soot

Another unwanted byproduct of paraffin candles is soot, which can spread unnoticed in our living spaces. This soot is a fine intruder that, if inhaled regularly, can irritate the respiratory tract and cause damage.

Safer Alternatives:

Soy wax

In our search for responsible enjoyment, scented soy wax candles shine as hopeful beacons. Not only do they burn guilt-free, but they also last longer due to their lower burning temperature — a win-win for both the wallet and the air quality in our rooms.

Sunflower wax

This wax, extracted from the seeds of one of the sunniest crops, not only appeals to the imagination of the romantic souls among us, but also appeals to those who want to go through life with a green conscience. Sunflower can be compared to the ecological benefits of soy wax, but has the advantage that it has a longer burning time. And so, it lasts longer. At Insphirea this is our choice, used in our first line: Reposea

Natural Fragrances: A Better Alternative

Nature gives us a wealth of alternatives in the form of essential oils. These scents from Mother Nature's own garden are free from synthetic concerns and embrace us with aromatic benefits, without any hidden strings.


While some scented candles can have potentially harmful effects with heavy use, there is light at the end of the tunnel with safer options like soy wax and sunflower wax. By making conscious choices, we can continue to enjoy the intimate ambiance of candlelight and wonderful aromas, without risking our well-being.

Hopefully this information has shed some light on your quest for health and harmony in your home. Keep following us for more insights and tips that will enrich your living atmosphere and well-being. And don't forget, we at Insphirea consistently choose the purest, ecologically responsible options in our 'Reposea' collection.